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Tax Incentive Program for Companies
Secretaria da
Fazenda, Finanças, Planejamento e Trabalho

Avenida Domingos Bassi, 1000, Jd. Junqueira.
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(15) 99143.1987


Whats is Pró-Tatuí ?

The municipality of Tatuí-SP has an Economic and Social Development Incentive Program – the PRÓ-TATUÍ – which is focused on stimulating the growth of business activities through the establishment, expansion or continuity of companies that have an industrial, commercial or service provision objective, considering the exceptional interest to the economic, technological and social development of the municipality. The tax incentives apply to the establishment of new units or expansions of existing companies of at least 40% of the capacity of facilities and manpower.

  1. Companies willing to settle in the Municipality;
  2. Companies willing to establish a new unit, or expand an existing unit, by at least 40% of the physical capacity of their facilities and labor.
  • Exemption, for a period of ten (10) years, of all municipal taxes;
  • Execution, full or partial, of soil leveling and infrastructure on the land when necessary for the implantation or expansion intended, observing the requirements of the technical project;
  • Concession of land use rights, with charges, from the necessary land to the undertaking.
  • No development of activities that are harmful to the environment;
  • Building with a constructed area of at least 1/5 (one fifth) of the land for new enterprises;
  • Initial staff of at least 20 (twenty) employees for industrial companies and 08 (eight) employees for commercial activities and services;
  • Increase of at least 40% (forty percent) of the physical capacity of the facilities, or labor for companies already established in the Municipality;
  • Hiring of at least 50% (fifty percent) of the workforce in the Municipality;
  • Licensing the company’s vehicle fleet in the Municipality of Tatuí.
  • Letter of intent, specifying which incentives the company intends to receive;
  • Certified copy of the company’s articles of incorporation and subsequent amendments, duly registered at the competent bodies;
  • Certified copy of the personal documents of the partners or administrators;
  • Protest, Civil, Criminal, Tax and Labor Courts Certificates in the name of the legal entity;
  • Clearance certificate of bankruptcy filing and judicial or extrajudicial recovery issued by the distributor of the legal entity’s headquarters within the last 60 (sixty) days, referring to the last 5 (five) years;
  • Certified copies of balance sheets and/or accounting statements from the last financial year; certificate of regularity with the INSS, FGTS and PIS-PASEP;
  • Clearance certificate of federal, state and municipal taxes;
  • Clearance certificate of compliance with federal, state, and municipal taxes;
  • Proof of enrollment in the National Register of Legal Entities.

More Information

Law nº 3.944,
(Portuguese only)
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